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The Story of Swansea Castle

The branch is pleased to say that it has published The Story of Swansea Castle by Colin Wheldon James, which is now available. The 52-page book, which is of A4 size, is the first in a series of books that examine various aspects of the history of Swansea and south Wales.

Renowned historian John R Alban states that the book will …

… play an important role in drawing to wider attention the significance of Swansea Castle and its long history and heritage. Most importantly, it reinterprets and reassesses the castle and, in particular, considers it within its wider historical context. Here the reader will also find very full accounts of the history of the medieval borough of Swansea, of the lordship of Gower within which the castle stood and of which it was the caput, and, indeed, of the wider history of medieval south Wales. No less intriguing is the discussion of the history of the castle and its site in the post-medieval period, when it was used for a wide variety of different purposes – including a glass works, a town hall, a workhouse, a market, a debtors’ prison, a Post Office and newspaper offices – all of which, as the author notes, showed a complete disregard for any concern in respect of tradition, heritage or historic value.

   There have been many earlier books written about Swansea Castle, most of which are now out of print, so a new study is long overdue. This work by Colin James is therefore very welcome and presents a fresh new approach to the castle and its history.

The price of The Story of Swansea Castle is £8 per copy.

Timescale Publications, which is an imprint of The Historical Association, Swansea Branch, has published its first book in the ‘Excursions into History’ series.

  Sanitising Swansea: Water Supply and Sewage Disposal in Nineteenth-Century Swansea by Peter E Rees is now available. It is a 48-page, A4-sized, soft-backed, illustrated publication that sells at £7 per copy.

Best wishes from the editorial team:

Carol David, Elaine Lloyd, Liz McSloy,

Ray Savage, Karmen Thomas and Colin James.

Sanitising Swansea