Honorary Branch Fellows of the HA’s Swansea branch

l to r: the late Dr Fred Cowley (2014),  Dr John Alban (2015), Gerald Gabb (2016), Dr David Painting (2017), Debra John (2019), and Jeff Childs (2021)

Liz and the Outclass Tutors

L to r:   Peter Rees, Jeff Childs, Anthea Symonds, Richard Lewis, Liz McSloy, Colin James

at our Outreach Classes Open Day, 23 June 2018

(Photograph by David Grindrod, HA)

At Debra John’s award of Branch Fellowship, 25 July 2019

L to r: Liz McSloy, Colin Wheldon James, Debra John, Ray Savage, Carol David

(Photograph by David Grindrod, HA)


At HA President Tony Badger’s talk to the Branch, 21 September 2019

L to r: Colin Wheldon James, Ann and John Morton, Tony Badger

Ann and John are members of the Swansea Historical Society in Toronto, Canada

(Photograph by Liz McSloy, HA)

At Jeff Childs’s award of Branch Fellowship, 21 July 2021

L to r: Colin Wheldon James, Jeff Childs, Liz McSloy

(Photograph by David Grindrod, HA)