Honorary Branch Fellows of the HA’s Swansea Branch

l to r: Dr Fred Cowley (2014), Dr John Alban (2015), Dr Gerald Gabb (2016), and Dr David Painting (2017)

L to r: Colin James (Executive Secretary), Carol David (Vice-Chair), Ray Savage (Treasurer) and Karmen Thomas

holding the fort at the Branch’s Local & Family History Fair,

6 May 2017

(Photograph by Stephanie Brown, HA)


Dr John Law (Branch President) and Colin James (Executive Secretary),

speaking to local historian Clive Reed at the RISW/HA History Day,

23 September 2017

(Photograph by Elizabeth Belcham, RISW)

Karmen Thomas and Ray Savage of the Swansea Branch, at the Branch’s table at the Local History Book Fair,

28 October 2017

(Photograph by Colin James, HA )