Liz McSloy

The President of the Branch is Dr John Law 1, 2, 6

In addition to the branch officers, the following are members of the Branch Executive Committee:

Carlie Andrews (PR Secretary)

Stephanie Brown (Editor of Chronicle)6

Carol David 1

Richard Lewis 1, 2, 3

Liz McSloy (Events Secretary) 1, 4  

Anne Thomas (Membership Secretary) 3

Irene Thomas (Minutes Secretary) 3

Karmen Thomas 3, 4

and Non Thomas 1

As well as the executive members, we also have ‘observer’ members:

Gwyneth Grindrod (South-west Wales Network of the University of the Third Age)

Anthea Symonds 1, 2 (University of the Third Age,  Swansea)

Also, we have the help and support of John Ashley, Lynda Bryant,1 Jeff Childs,1, 2 David Coley,1 Dafydd Davies,6 Syd Howells,1 Chris Jones-Jenkins,1 Elaine Lloyd, Steve Littlejohns,6 Peter Rees,1, 2 Rhian Rees,1 John Richards,1  Lauren Thomson,3 and Bill Zajac.1, 2

David Coley

Richard Lewis

Executive Committee Members

and direct supporters

Syd Howells

Bill Zajac

Karmen Thomas

John Law

Anne Thomas Stephanie Brown

Gwyneth Grindrod

Anthea Symonds

Jeff Childs

Chris Jones-Jenkins

Rhian Rees

Non Thomas

Peter Rees

Carol David

John Richards

Elaine Lloyd

Irene Thomas

John Ashley

Carlie Andrews

Nicholas Coles