Irene Thomas

Liz McSloy

Ian Smith

The President of the Branch is Dr John Law 1 2 6

In addition to the branch officers, the following are members of the Branch Executive Committee:

Stephanie Brown (PR Secretary) 6

Dr Simon John 1

Robert Leonard 6

Richard Lewis 1 2

Margaret McCloy (Editor of Chronicle) 4

Liz McSloy (Events Secretary) 1 4  

Dr Anthea Symonds  1 2  

Anne Thomas (Membership Secretary) 3

and Karmen Thomas 3 4

In addition to the executive members, we also have ‘observer’ members:

David Grindrod (Friends of Carmarthenshire County Museum)

Gwyneth Grindrod (South-west Wales Network of the University of the Third Age)

Ian Smith (National Waterfront Museum),

Peter Stopp (Talacharn Community History),

and Irene Thomas (Neath Antiquarian Society).

Also, we have the help and support of Lynda Bryant,1 Jeff Childs,1 2 David Coley,1 Dafydd Davies,6 Syd Howells,1

Chris Jones-Jenkins,1 Bernard Lewis,1 Steve Littlejohns,6 Elaine Lloyd,4  Peter Rees,1 Rhian Rees,1

John Richards,1 Non Thomas,1 2 Lauren Thomson,3 and Bill Zajac.1 2

David Coley

Richard Lewis Robert Leonard

David Grindrod

Branch Executive Committee Members

and direct supporters

Syd Howells

Bill Zajac

Karmen Thomas

John Law

Peter Stopp

Margaret McCloy Anne Thomas Stephanie Brown

Bernard Lewis

Gwyneth Grindrod

Anthea Symonds

Jeff Childs

Chris Jones-Jenkins

Rhian Rees

Simon John

Non Thomas

Elaine Lloyd

Peter Rees