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The Crusades of the Thirteenth Century

Colin Wheldon James

Mondays (10.30am–12.30pm) from 7 January 2019 for 10 weeks at Canolfan y Bont, Pontardulais, Swansea – £30 per person

This course will study the causes and consequences of the crusades of the 13th-century, which led to the end of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem:

The events of these crusades will be studied together with a consideration of the religious, political, moral, financial and practical influences involved, and how the identity of the crusade became altered from a military campaign ostensibly with religious intention to a political method of dealing with matters that upset the Latin Church’s conscionable comfort.

Before the Deluge, 1880–1914: Empires Past, Present and Future

The Old World on the Brink of Modernism

Dr Anthea Symonds

Mondays (2.00pm–4.00pm) from 7 January 2019 for 10 weeks at the National Waterfront Museum, Swansea – £30 per person

A time of great empires, political radicalism, challenges from science and technology, monarchies and revolutions.

Reform, Revolution and Rebellion, 1657–1727: The Later Stuarts, Hanoverians and the Making of the United Kingdom

Richard Lewis

Wednesdays (6.30–8.30pm) from 9 January 2019 for 10 weeks at Forge Fach, Clydach – £30 per person

This is a dramatic and significant Period, which offers challenging questions:

Answers will be provided, along with several others in this new course. We shall also investigate the key roles played by a variety of

individuals, ranging from the monarchs and some of their European counterparts, like Louis XIV and Peter the Great, to memorable

individuals such as Lambert, Monck, the Churchills, Sunderland, Harley and St John.