The Community Outreach Group of Speakers

Since the Community Outreach Group began delivering talks to interested organisations in 2011, it has, to date, received bookings for over 800 talks to about 160 societies.

When we began, we imagined that we would be speaking only to district historical societies as we thought that other organisations wouldn’t be so interested in historical topics. The truth has proved to be very different. Among the groups to whom we’ve spoken, there have been about 30 historical societies, while the others comprise associations such as Women’s Institutes, Mothers’ Unions, men’s societies, ladies’ groups and guilds, retirement fellowships, heritage societies, libraries, arts groups, Probus, Rotary, Soroptomist International, U3A, WEA, groups of disadvantaged people, and other social societies. All of this is very satisfying and proves that history is very much of interest to many sections of society.

The Community Outreach Group currently comprises 21 speakers:

Elizabeth Belcham, Lynda Bryant, Jeff Childs, Nick Coles, David Coley, Gary Gregor, Syd Howells, Colin Wheldon James, Debra John, Chris Jones-Jenkins, Anne Kelly, Richard Lewis, Liz McSloy, Peter Rees, Rhian Rees, John Richards, Beverley Rogers, Ray Savage, Anthea Symonds, Non Thomas, and Bill Zajac… What a team!

Our first Outreach speaker was Rosemary Crahart, who sadly passed away a few years years ago. Rosemary paved the way for the very successful team that has followed her.

Between them, the Outreach speakers have a stock of approximately 150 talks covering a variety of historical topics – local, national and international – within many historical periods, and these talks are delivered in a friendly and informative manner. After their talks, the speakers are willing to answer questions and take part in discussions. In the main, the Outreach speakers don’t seek a fee, but in the event of an organisation wishing to offer a contribution to offset an individual speaker’s expenses, it is that speaker’s choice whether to accept or not. Some of our speakers redirect the fee to Branch funds as the Historical Association is itself a charity. With regard to Debra John, she is a professional actress, so in her case a fee applies, but the cost is worth while.

If your organisation needs to book a speaker or requires further information regarding the Community Outreach Group, please contact:


07971 665594

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