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The Historical Association is committed to adult learning and promoting history at all levels. Our courses are a brilliant way to learn about a new topic or to meet people similarly interested in history. All of the classes are taught by experienced tutors, knowledgeable in their subject, and class discussion is very much encouraged.

History course after Easter

Start: Wednesday 2 May 2018, 6.30pm

Topic: Power, Politics and Patriotism in the Reigns of Richard II and Henry IV

Tutors: Richard Lewis

Venue: Forge Fach, Clydach

The course is 3 weeks long and  each lecture lasts 2 hours, with a tea/coffee break.

As well as being informative, the course is for your enjoyment. It will be taught in a friendly manner and no prior knowledge of the subject is necessary.

There are no essays to write, but discussion is encouraged (but not compulsory).

Enrolment will be at the first lecture, the cost of the course being just £10 per person

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